Front Engine Dragster 

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The dragster was brought from the U.S. to Europe and Sweden, it was bought by Knutte Söderqvist in Las Vegas in 1979-80. It made some few runs on the strip in the middle of 1980’s, but after that it stood quite still until I bought it in 2002.


-69 Road Runner


This is an original 383 car, 4-speed manual and rear axle is Dana60.
I was looking for a car like this for a long time and found this one, which was in really good shape.


Ford 1932 5W Coupé


The body came from the U.S in late 70’s. I bought it in winter 1983. There were just five rusty body-pieces that Tommy Andersson brought home from Texas.
I started to build this car in 1983 and the first test run I took was in spring 1992. There came some other cars + my kid in between…
The current paint is made by my mate Ray Hill in 2000. Previously it was white painted with purple scallops.
After 18 years I have decided to separate from 32-an and sold it... now you can meet the car on Gotland.


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